About Mea

Mea'eshana PhoenixFire, more commonly signed up to places as simply "MeaKitty", is a South Australian Artist known for her weird, wonderful and unique creations. Primarily the Derpicorns - silly little stylised unicorns that she has drawn, painted, and sculpted in various mediums.

Derpicorns come in many colors (and flavours) and can be purchased in her Facebook Group; The Art Nest, from her Shop along with many other handmade items, or from her merch stores at RedBubble and TeePublic.

Mea also creates wacky images of various subjects; anything from cute and cuddly critters, to chimera creations made of other animal parts, to all out monsters from the darkest recesses of her mind. All of them are drawn in her own unique style that she's spent 30+ years developing. She is heavily influenced by the simplistic hand-drawn style of old Disney movies, as well as the generic style of Animes such as Elfen Lied, FMA, Studio Ghibli and more. All of this is mixed with her own flair of detailing the little things to add depth and interest to each image.

Anthropormorphism - the attribution of human characteristics or behaviour to a god, animal, or object; is a basis for many of her images. Creating Anthro characters has always been a passion for Mea. It can be seen in her depictions of the PhoenixFire Art Mascot Arati, the humanised Phoenix; and Semiramis, the Chimera mascot of Weird Dreams Ink.


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